Making An Impact

Associate Regional Direcetor, Glenn Cook joins Kathleen and Nancy at the Addison County Young Life Banquet

Young Life is active at Mt. Abraham Union High School and there are leaders working with kids in the Middlebury area. Leaders get involved in many different ways. Some tutur at the high school, some volunteer coach and others find unique ways to care for kids.

When Nancy and Kathleen learned that the Mt. Abe Music department came up short in a recent fundraising effort, they took action. One hundred high school students and chaperones were on their way to Baltimore, MD for a music competition but did not have the funds to cover all the meals. Kathleen and Nancy asked if they could travel to Baltimore and provide the meals needed. No, they didn't take out their credit card and pay for everyone to go to Pizza Hut or McDonalds. Instead, they loaded their vehicle with coolers and boxes of food and stored all they needed in their hotel room, one floor above the music group. Each night, wearing their matching Young Life shirts, Nancy and Kathleen delivered a "late night snack" and each morning the students would get a knock on their door and would be greeted by the ladies delivering a breakfast of muffins, yogurt and fruit. They also took care of lunch one day, bagging up handmade sandwiches and homemade cookies. And if that wasn't enough; every day, each student received an "inspirational quote" attached to their meal.

A wonderful example of how Young Life leaders "go all out for kids"! 



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